Program Descriptions

 Important issues like homelessness plague our nation’s service members and must be addressed in strategic phases. Bivvy Corp provides a hand up approach to veterans struggling with self-sufficiency, by offering a variety of programs that will allow them to feel comfortable while transitioning back into the work force. We provide education, training and employment opportunities to homeless veterans through each of our four programs.

Bivvy Farm is a form of PTSD therapy, it’s a place where veterans can connect with nature by growing their own organic food that gives them much needed nutrition. Including giving veterans purpose by allowing them to donate fresh organic produce to community food banks who help other veterans in need.

 Bivvy Cart is a tool that helps veterans who do not want to be assimilated in to homeless camps. It provides an option for them to sleep off the ground and have dry, lockable storage that’s portable. Bivvy Carts are offered to veterans in all of our programs.

 Bivvy Bike is a resource, and a training opportunity. Often Homeless veterans are in need of transportation, Bicycles are the most common means available to them. We train willing veterans who want to develop bicycle mechanic skills through donated bikes. We provide bikes to veterans who work in any of our programs giving them a way to get to work. We also sell bikes to offset the cost of the repairs to bikes given to veterans.

 Bivvy Solar is an Electrical and Solar PV apprenticeship program. We are repurposing used Solar PV Equipment and saving it from going the landfill, providing a long term trade skill to our veterans in a growing employment market, installing on disabled combat veterans who are on a fixed income to offsetting their power bill, and keeping local contractors working that hire our veterans in training.