Bivvy Corp Board Memebers

Anthony Malich (Founder / Chairman)

Bivvy Corp Founder, Anthony Malich, has observed the side effects of combat first-hand. Growing up with his uncle, friends, and other veterans, Anthony saw the heartbreaking impact of combat related post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He is passionate about helping his community and wanted to do something to alleviate the suffering of those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. Anthony has also witnessed the tragedy of homelessness. In this past year, a member of his family and one of his close childhood friends became homeless. It caught Anthony's attention that homeless people lack the ability to carry their belongings and keep them dry and safe from theft. Witnessing U.S. veterans suffering from PTSD along with other side-effects of combat, homelessness has moved Anthony to do something to help. That’s when he came up with the Bivvy Cart, Bivvy Corp’s first Program. Bivvy Cart is a Portable homeless shelter for transitional Veterans’. Anthony chose to help homeless veterans as a way to express gratitude for their service.

Anthony, is a stepfather of two, one has graduated college and the other is a junior in college. He has 23 years in the Electrical field and 10 plus years in the Solar PV industry. He has combined his experience to become a Building Inspector, allowing him to help members of his community for the past 8 years. 



Eric Gobler, Secretary of the Board

Eric served on the ECHO Board from early 2016 through 2021. He served as the Board Chair after July 2017. His involvement began in 2001 when ECHO caravaned from church to church feeding and housing the homeless community in northern San Luis Obispo County. Over the years, Eric served as an ECHO chaperone and continued serving dinner on a regular basis with a small group that has participated from the beginning.

Eric is a California native and has lived on the central coast most of the time since attending Cal Poly in 1970. He and his family moved to Atascadero in 1980 where he and his lovely wife, Carol, raised their four children. They moved to Santa Cruz County in 2021, when they rebuilt their small mountain cabin into a permanent residence.

Eric has maintained his Civil Engineering consulting practice since 1980 and donated Engineering Services to local organizations such as Sunny Acres clean and sober living community, the ALPS Three Bridges Trailhead project and the Atascadero Historical Society’s current Colony Park project. Eric served two 2-year terms on the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce Board, where he also served as Chamber Ambassador. Additionally, he served six years on the Atascadero City Parks and Recreation Commission. In his free time today, Eric volunteers in numerous capacities at the Mount Hermon Camps in the Santa Cruz Mountains and serves on the Bivvy Corp Board of Directors.



Joshua McCormick, Treasurer

Josh has more than earned the treasurer position by demonstrating a life of success in marketing and sales.  He graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and Marketing . Since then, he became a leader for sales and marketing, building,  mentoring and training teams, creating global growth in Military and civilian markets for Anheuser-Busch, Inbev and Monster Energy. Through his time in the industry, he has contributed countless hours supporting Military fundraisers, like Folds of Honor and Marine Raider Foundation. Josh's entrepreneurship has led him down many paths. As a father of two he strives to make the world a better place for our future generations.  He is a Co-Creator and Wholesaler for Salty-Lama an environmental conscious fabric laundry detergent company. He is developing a way to channel a percentage of all sales to Bivvycorp as a way to continue his support for our veterans.




Michael Schwenne, Board member

Michael Schwenne is a third generation Santa Cruz native and a father of two. Both generations before him have made significant contributions to the Santa Cruz county community over the past 100 years. Michael has operated water sports camps for close to 20 years alongside working professionals in the wakeboard community. Michael has been involved in real estate and construction since 2010 and is hoping to leverage his experience to help serve the veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country.

David Bail, Board Member

David Bail, Portfolio Management Director, Senior Vice President of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, the SBT Group.David Bail joined Morgan Stanley in 1989, when he began working as an intern in the mail room. Hired as a Financial Advisor in 1991, David become a Senior Vice President in 2000, Portfolio Manager in 2009 and has been a Portfolio Management Director since 2015. His process focuses on a pragmatic approach to macroeconomics, fundamental research and technical analysis encompassed within the application of modern portfolio management theory.Throughout his career, David has worked with many partners, clients, good friends, teachers, confidants and mentors. They have taught and inspired him thru these collaborations. He is always charismatic and enthusiastic about working with his clients and new people. In 2019, David became a mentor and coach to new advisors in Oakland at Morgan Stanley.In his personal life, David values family, friendship, and community. He cherishes his two sons, daughter and spouse. His philanthropic endeavors have been a large part of who he is and what the Bail family represents. David is a lifelong youth sports advocate and coach. Having coached and managed 33 baseball and football seasons combined since he was 17. He is a founding member of numerous youth sport organizations. He is a former member of the Bishop O’Dowd High School Board of Regents where he served as chairman of the finance committee for over 6 years. David also is a volunteer speaker for career development at local high schools and is a volunteer for organizations such as Project Aware and the Alameda County Community Food Bank.Born and raised in Alameda, in 1987, he graduated from Bishop O’Dowd High School in Oakland, CA. In 1991, he graduated from University of Southern California with a B.S. in Investment Finance. David Bail has been a positive impact in Alameda County and the greater world at large through his charismatic nature, educational background, personal life balance, and ample work experience. He is constantly starting new projects and has an oceanic view on life with a willingness to help anyone he crosses paths with. He recently founded a nonprofit which has combined his love for LEGO toys and his philanthropy.