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Bivvy Solar is our newest program that started in 2022 and already has a list of contractors and suppliers coming together to create our program.

Our Group is dedicated to training Veterans how to install solar and electrical systems. we specifically aim to install on disabled combat Veterans homes who are on a fixed income. 

Please Donate working Solar and Electrical equipment to support our Veteran training program. California does not recycle solar PV panels and its costly to ship them out of state. We repurpose used but functional Equipment to keep it from the landfill. Bivvy Solar will provide a tax deduction receipt for you, helping you get money back instead of paying thousands of dollars to ship to a landfill. 

Our group has installed 2 electrical service panels for free on disabled combat veterans homes who were on fixed incomes. They both were elderly living without power for over a week and could not afford the repair costs to replace the electrical panels.

Currently, we are in the process of installing our first solar PV system on a disabled combat veterans home. 

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