Volunteer and Employment Opportunities

Bivvy Corp is looking for people like you! Come check out each of our departments that have some openings, right now!!! *Volunteers NEEDED - Paid Opportunities open when funding is secured.

Bivvy Corp

  • Admin
  • Social Media Blogger
  • Web Designer (Update as Needed)
  • Accountant
  • Event Planner
  • Program Managers
  • Pick up Drivers (For Donations)
  • Grant Writer

Bivvy Farm

  • Farm Manager
  • Workers
  • Drivers

Bivvy Solar

  • Solar Installers
  • Solar Designers
  • Customer Service
  • Program Managers

Bivvy Bikes

  • Bike Mechanic
  • Social Media (Posts to list bikes for sale)

Bivvy Cart

  • Manufacturing/Assembly Workers
  • Sales Reps